Check In Figure Suit - Premium Fabric
Check In Figure Suit - Premium Fabric
Check In Figure Suit - Premium Fabric

Check In Figure Suit - Premium Fabric

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Perfect for posing practise and check ins! We offer some really beautiful fabric choices for check in bikinis.
How to order?

Select if you would like connectors on your bikini or not as this determines the price for your bikini. Options are;

- No Connectors 

- Straps only

- Straps & Top Centre only

- Centre only  

When filling the form out below please can you choose the connector for each area that you have chosen to add to your bikini for connectors. So for example…if selecting connectors on straps only but not for the centre then please fill the form below to the same information by selecting your chosen connectors for straps section and then ‘no connector’ for the centre section.

Next…Add to cart! Now before you go to checkout and pay, whilst you are here please fill the form out below with all the details for your bikini design! 

So now your bikini has been added to your cart, next is to fill out the form below…

- Please check our premium posing suit fabric section to choose the fabric and select the name of that fabric in the drop down on the form  

- Please do the same for connectors, so have a look at our selection of connectors and then choose the one you would like from the drop down for each section. On the bottoms I only recommend shorter connectors if you are wanting them to be adjustable all the way into prep. 

- Then fill all your details out and measurements…press submit! And you are done! 

If any problems with ordering please just message us on Instagram or email