Crystal Guide

Need help choosing the right crystal type and colours? No problem honey we got you! Read on to find out the differences between crystal types and the colour options available for both.

So at Bikini Boutique we offer several options when it comes to choosing your crystals! First of all let’s go over the different brands we use.

Czech Glass - this is our budget crystal but still offers so much sparkle! This crystal is great if you are working on a tighter budget but still wanting that full on coverage! And we understand completely how expensive competing is so this is why we feel it is important to have this as an option for you to choose from! 
So with this crystal I have sourced the best quality of budget glass crystal I can find, coming from Czech Republic and with it being glass not plastic like a lot of other budget rhinestones can be this is still a beautiful finish and great quality. It has 12 cuts in the glass so this causes lots of angles for the light to reflect off of. The difference is the clearness of the glass and this you can tell the difference from both Preciosa, Swarovski and Serenity crystals. 

Preciosa - this is one of our premium crystal options and is a perfect middle ground between the Czech glass and Serenity/Swarovski. The glass is super clear much clearer than Czech glass and the amount of cuts in the glass is 14 so has more angles for the light to reflect off of in comparison to the Czech glass. You really do notice the difference on stage between the Czech and Preciosa and is a personal favourite as the price is great in comparison with serenity/Swarovski with a very similar quality of crystal. 

Serenity - now this brand of crystal is available on request and is a higher price point than both previous two crystal types, for example for a full coverage bikini this crystal type is £50 more than Preciosa and £150 more than Czech glass. 
the quality of these crystals is beautiful! So clear and there are 16 cuts in this crystal so even more angles for the light to shine off of! The colours are slightly different to the Preciosa and Czech glass with more shimmer options available which often offer a different tone of colour high May sometimes be needed. These crystals do require a long ordering process therefore if wanting this premium crystal then I’d advise ordering and designing the bikini at 10-12 weeks out to guarantee stock being delivered in time. This crystal is a very strong comparison to Swarovski with the cuts in the glass being the same 16 and the clearness of the crystal very similar. Price wise there is not much between Serenity and Swarovski either. 

Swarovski - this is available upon request but I hold no price quotes for this option online or any examples due to being an approved business for using Swarovski we are unable to advertise what is Swarovski and our prices for these so if you are interested in having a Swarovski bikini then please email us direct and we can discuss with you personally.


Crystal Colours

With all these different crystal types they all hold slightly different crystal colours and tones. So this is why I recommend designing your bikini in person to really see the differences as for example a Czech glass light siam is more of an orange red compared with a Preciosa/Serenity light siam they are more red without the orange hue. The AB colours vary with Czech glass compared with Preciosa/Serenity and can be a slightly darker tone. Preciosa/Serenity due to them being a clearer crystal over the Czech glass they are often slightly lighter in colour. 
Also crystal names can be slightly different so a Preciosa blue zircon is more like a peacock blue in Czech glass. And some colours aren’t available in Czech glass, for example Shamrock isn’t available but it is in Preciosa. So sometimes it depends on what tone of colour you want which will determine the right crystal type for you as well as your budget. 

I also offer a mix option also, so you can mix any of the crystals and price would then be quoted depending how many of each would be using. 

I really hope this has helped you figure out what’s the best option for you and why the prices vary between brands! 

For colour charts on all crystals please check the main menu!