Show Day Essentials!

Leading up to your show it's a good idea to have a well thought out list of things you will need to pack and bring along with you for show day. So we have made it super easy for you and written up a list for you! Here is our list of the essentials you need on show day!

1. Bikini! But I also recommend a back up suit just in case something happens or there are several girls in the same colour suit etc.


2. Posing a back up! You never know again if something may happen! A heel could break, you could misplace them etc.

3. Jewellery. Remember to pack your bling!  


4. Robe or loose clothing. This is to wear once you have your tan on and you won't want any tight clothing on as this will ruin the tan so light and loose only on show day until you reveal that flawless tanned physique on stage in that bikini!


5. Flip flops/sliders. Again for the tan, anything on your feet that won't risk rubbing the tan off.


6. Sewing kit. In case of any back stage or last minute mishaps!


7. Plastic cups. Girls if you have competed before you will know how difficult it is when it comes to going to the toilet! Yes we pee in cups! Nobody wants any drip marks ruining their tan! If this does happen, go to the tanners straight away to fix the tan.


8. Make-up. If doing your make up yourself, make sure you pack darker skin tones in your make up bag. Create contour on your face and make it a little more dramatic than usual. Remember you will be under very bright lights so stage make up needs to be more obvious and blend with your tan. Your face will be slightly lighter than your tan but a lot darker than your usual foundation base colour so pick up some samples from MAC to save some pennies too. Along with contour kit, highlighter, eyeshadow, brow kit, lashes and lipstick.


9. Hair essentials - if doing your hair yourself remember your straightners/curlers and hairspray to keep that hair in place! You may want to bring hair extensions with you too, clip ins always do the job for stage and are super easy to use.


10. Head phones. Keep these on you for back stage, there can be a lot of waiting around and sometimes it is good to get in your zone.


11. Camera/phone! Remember to capture every moment!


12. Chargers. Don't want to go flat on the day!


13. Food and water. Your meals for the day...prep and pack all of your food for the day including any sweets/choc you might be allowed to have as a pump up pre stage (coach and body dependant!) rice cakes and peanut butter are always great snacks to have in your bag ready. 


14. Pump up bands. Before stage you want to make sure you are fully pumped and pushing the carbs to the muscles.


15. Post show outfit. Going for some celebratory food after the show? Pack a nice outfit to wear!

16. Money. Always best to bring some cash with you in case you need it. 

17. Wipes. Remember you can't wash your hands due to the tan. So until stage time is up you may need to wipe the palms of your hands. Be careful not to wipe anywhere else though, use only if absolutely necessary.


16. Bikini bite. Incase of any bikini slips or riding up! Keep that bikini in place. It may not be needed but it is always useful to have it packed just in case!


17. Pro Tan Glaze. If you are doing the tan yourself don't forget the glaze! This is required for bringing that tan out and giving a better complexion on stage and show up those muscles even more! If getting tanned by a company I would bring some just in case you want a top up or they're running behind or just in case! Always better to be over prepared than under prepared!

It’s always an exciting time packing for stage and the main thing is to be super organised so you eliminate any stress on the day! The most important thing you remember is to enjoy YOUR day and have fun! 


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